The Heat and the Greens played against each other in the last round, and the game set the tone early in the first quarter. Heat inside core Adebayor scored 12 points in 6 of 9 single quarters, helping the team to establish a 21-point lead in the first quarter. Throughout the game, Adebayor played a major role, scoring 31 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, leading the team to regain the home court advantage.

In this game, the Green Army's game plan is to lock Adebayor's inside advantage no matter what. The team also ushered in good news, the main center Lowe came back. cheap nba nike jerseys Although his 12 points and 9 rebounds in this campaign are not eye-catching, Lowe's influence on the court is far from what the numbers can measure. As the defensive core and inner pillar of the Green Army, how did Lowe affect the situation in this game?

Inner line gate Stabilizing cage

In G3 of the Eastern Conference finals, Lowe was absent due to injury, and Theis was put on the starting center position. Lowe's ability to protect the basket is much higher than Theis. Although he is only 2.03 meters tall, his wingspan has reached an astonishing 2.28 meters, which makes him not at a disadvantage in the interior confrontation. In addition, Lowe's athletic ability and basketball talent are also very different from Theis.

In this game, the Green Army focused on the defensive end of the pick-and-roll from the opponent's interior. When Adebayor participates in high-level pick-and-rolls, the Greens always bypass the screen on the outside, and the inside gate Luo Wei always blocks in front of Adebayor's follow-up, guarding the basket.

Lowe's comeback raised the entire team's defense to a higher level, and the effect was immediate. With him guarding the basket, the Heat team only hit 1 goal in 10 shots in the penalty area in the first quarter, and Adebayor, who played well in the last game, was no longer brave, scoring 3 points with only 2 shots in the first half. This is the deterrent force of Lowe's terror on the inside. By halftime, the Celtics had a 24-point lead over their opponents.